October 10, 2019

1. Tokenized World

Introducing: Tokenize all the Things

What you need to know

The world is built on a giant $256 trillion pile of assets. Everything from property to art, to stocks to oil. Blockchain wants to change all that. This collection explores the industries being disrupted, by whom, and what that means for both consumers and enterprises.

We've delved deep into the tokenized world to uncover the people, the projects and the potential of this technology to change capital forever.

Why it's important

Through “tokenization”—the act of converting real-world or digital assets into a token coded with its own contract requirements and rules—Web3 companies are rethinking our relationship to ownership. Blockchain technology, which eliminates the expensive middlemen (banks, brokerages, agents) in finance, coupled with tokenization, makes it cheap and efficient to create fractional shares in virtually anything.

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2. Making waves

6 things we learned listening to Ripple’s CEO

What you need to know

Brad Garlinghouse, CEO of Ripple, recently sat down with Anthony "Pomp" Pompliano, co-founder and partner at Morgan Creek Capital, for an instalment of his Off The Chain podcast covering all things Ripple and XRP-related. 

The two spoke about what Ripple does, the three components of RippleNet: xCurrent, xRapid, and xVia, the XRP ledger, the threat crypto poses to national sovereignty, whether XRP is a security, and the origin of the “XRP army”, among other things.

Why it's important

Before joining Ripple, Garlinghouse worked for a month as an Uber driver. It was an inbound recruiting call from a recruiter that he knew who thought he’d be a good fit at Ripple because he came from outside of the payments system. He eventually joined in 2015 as COO.

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From the interweb

Here are the biggest stories in the cryptoverse:

Learn of the day - AirSwap

AirSwap is a platform for peer-to-peer trading of Ethereum tokens, which means that users trade their tokens directly with each other. The platform is decentralized because AirSwap does not control the users’ funds and trading execution is done via smart contracts

Find out more about the project, here.
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3. Mining goes deeper

Bitmain announces new ASIC Bitcoin miners


What you need to know

Crypto mining hardware producer Bitmain yesterday announced two new ASIC Bitcoin mining machines. The Antminer S17+, the S17’s successor, and the T17+, the T17’s successor, were announced at the World Digital Mining Summit (WDMS) in Frankfurt. 

Why it's important

That’s a big improvement from Bitmain’s previous offering. The S17 offered 53TH/s, with an energy efficiency of 40 J/TH. The T17 offered 40TH/s, with an energy efficiency of 55 J/TH. According to the announcement, the new miners also reduce the space between the air inlet and outlets by 50 percent. This, claims Bitmain, helps cool the miners, makes them quieter to run, and ensures their safety. 

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SEC denies Bitwise ETF

The SEC has rejected the Bitcoin ETF proposal from Bitwise Asset Management, snuffing out the last chance for the debut of a Bitcoin ETF at an exchange in 2019.

After refusing several applications over the years, the SEC outlined its concerns regarding Bitcoin ETFs in a January letter last year. In response, Bitwise produced extensive research and made presentations to SEC staff to convince them about the readiness of crypto markets for an ETF.

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